Regenerate your body with break!

Regenerate your body with break

Sometimes it means switching off and giving your body a break. Good sleep is the most efficient way to regenerate and stay healthy. “Pause” is rich in minerals that the body needs for regeneration. Beneficial ingredients like passionflower and lavender help you calm down and sleep soundly. This way you give your body its break with a glass of “pause” before bedtime and wake up rested and refreshed.

Favors deep sleep phases

With Pause you get a balanced combination of nutrients such as copper, selenium, melatonin and zinc, which in combination with chamomile and rosemary improves your ability to enter deeper and more regenerative stages of sleep faster, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Replenishes your depots and strengthens the immune system

Thanks to the carefully balanced combination of botanicals, L-phenylalanine, bacterial strains, vitamins and minerals, Pause replenishes your depots and strengthens your immune system from the inside out. So you can recover optimally and start the day strengthened.

Promotes your regeneration

With Pause you promote your physical regeneration and thus enable yourself a restful night. So you can tackle the challenges of everyday life the next day rested and full of energy.

Rest helps you replenish the depots you used up during the day.

For your immune system essential vitamins, enzymes and Pflanzenextrakte provides Pause in a balanced and easily absorbable composition.

Copper, selenium, melatonin and zinc in combination with chamomile and rosemary ensure that you fall asleep faster and get into the regenerative, deep sleep phases.


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