Ibé is a multifunctional vitality drink containing scientifically dosed ingredients from ageing research and competitive sports. The combination of high-quality nutrients such as L-carnitine, selenium and Q1 supports fat metabolism, strengthens the immune system and promotes skin elasticity from the inside out. The drink regenerates muscles, organs and the skin, achieving a long energy curve and anti-aging effects.


Try Ibé now and feel yourself radiant and vital from the inside out – a treat for body and mind!


L-Carnitine is an important nutrient that helps convert fats into energy and thus supports weight loss. It can also help increase endurance and performance.


Selenium is an important trace element that, among other things, strengthens the immune system and supports thyroid function. It can also help promote hair growth and improve skin texture.


Q10 is a special substance that can have a positive effect on skin elasticity. It can help reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging and keep skin supple and firm.

So together, L-carnitine, selenium and Q10 offer a wide range of health and beauty benefits.

They support fat metabolism, strengthen the immune system and promote skin elasticity, so you can feel radiant and vital from the inside out.

Our new beauty drink is the perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle. With L-carnitine, selenium and Q10, your skin is strengthened and cared for from the inside out. L-carnitine supports fat burning and helps improve metabolism, while selenium acts as an antioxidant and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences. Q10 helps increase the moisture content of the skin and keep it supple and radiant. Try our beauty drink now and notice the difference in your skin appearance soon!

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